Motorola latest to post Q4 2011 profit woes

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RAZR-review-2.jpgMotorola have announced that they too (alongside Nintendo and Nokia in the consumer tech world) have seen a loss in profits during Q4 of the 2011 fiscal year.

The firm announced they’d experienced an $80 million (£51 million) loss over the quarter, citing poor sales of their mobile devices as the primary cause.

Motorola only managed to sell 10.5 million mobile devices across the 3-month period, 5.3 million of which where smartphones. Their much-hyped Xoom tablet line performed poorly too, selling roughly 200,000 units across the quarter for a total of just 1 million for the entire year.

As a result, Motorola have posted yearly losses of $249 million (£158 million), up considerably from last year’s figure of $86 million (£54 million).

Motorola, whose buyout from search giant’s Google is expected to be finalised early this year, are now expected to take a similar course of action as HTC over the coming 12 months, focussing on a few core products that excel rather than the wide range currently offered.

Via: Tech Radar / So Mobile

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