Major Star Wars: The Old Republic glitch fixes coming

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star-wars-old-republic.jpgIf you’re one of the many millions still playing BioWare’s superb new MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, you may or may not be (depending on your stance when it comes to cheats and exploiting game bugs) pleased to hear a few major fixes are on the way.

The next patch for the game will focus on fixing issues with the Ability Delay, and a glitch where people are gaining more Valor than they should.

Complaints about the Ability Delay have been knocking around since SWTOR launched: gamers pointed out that abilities, which should have been in a cool-down period, were still usable, affecting balancing issues in-game, particularly in PvP. Also, some abilities which should trigger instantly were not firing up either. Both of these issues will be fixed.

The Valor glitch, affecting Ilum PvP, was noted after the latest major patch was issued. Players partaking in a bit of gamer-on-gamer combat were sometimes finding that they were harvesting far more of the lucrative Valor points than they should have. Rather than rolling back everyone’s Valor points across the board, the developers will be taking “appropriate measures” with those they have found exploiting the loophole.

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