Google have Motorola's back as they sue Apple

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motorola-vs-apple.jpgMotorola Mobility are bringing a new lawsuit to Apple’s lawyers, claiming the iPhone makers have infringed on a number of the company’s key technology patents.

Filed in a Florida federal court, the patent suit sees Motorola claim that between both the iPhone 4S and iCloud service, Apple have infringed upon six Motorola patents. These include patents relating to wireless antennae, data filtering and messaging. Apple have yet to respond to the claims.

It’s also worth noting that the suit filed cites the same patents as a separate Motorola vs. Apple case that has also been filed in Florida.

Interestingly, Motorola’s latest bout of legal action has had to have come with the full backing of Google. After being bought out by the search giants last year, Motorola had to agree to a contract clause that they would not proceed with any legal action without prior approval from Google first. With Google and Apple almost constantly at loggerheads over patent disputes relating to Android and iOS, it’s no wonder Google have agreed to back Motorola here.

There’s a long history of court cases between Motorola and Apple. In recent times, the courts have tended to side with Motorola; in the US the ITC recently sided with Motorola in a case where Apple claimed Motorola had infringed upon three patents, while a similar story played out in German courts that saw an injunction taken out against Apple.

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