Green gadgets: Sunshine charging for book lovers with SolarKindle cover

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Kindle owners may never have to mains-charge their eReaders again thanks to a newly revealed cover from SolarFocus Technology on show at this years CES.

That is providing you live in sunnier climes than the UK, we mean. SolarFocus have been touting their SolarKindle case, which stores power thanks to a built-in solar panel.

One day’s use in the sun gives you Kindle an extra three days worth of charge, stored in the SolarKindle’s built-in battery, up to a maximum of three extra months.

There’s also a mini LED light built in, good for 50 hours of use, which doesn’t drain the Kindle’s own battery.

“For the past six years, SolarFocus has been dedicated to developing the most technologically advanced portable solar powered solutions for consumers,” said Dick Lu, EVP at SolarFocus.

“We will continuously improve the price / performance ratio of our solar powered solutions on even more consumer electronic products to reduce carbon emissions.”

Hitting US shops on January 15th, you’ll be able to pick the SolarKindle up for $79.99. That’s providing Amazon let SolarFocus use the Kindle name, of course.

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Gerald Lynch
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