CES 2012: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 mobile chips more powerful than Xbox 360

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More bad news for dedicated gaming handhelds like Sony’s PS Vita or Nintendo’s 3DS; Qualcomm are working on a new generation of mobile Snapdragon chips that will allow for console-quality gaming on the go.

“The next GPU on the Snapdragon S4 is better than the Xbox 360 and the one after that will be better than the PS3,” Dave Durnil, Director and General Manager of Advanced Content and Gaming at Qualcomm told Pocket-lint.

“The Snapdragon S4 devices arriving in the coming months will be comparable or better than the PS Vita in terms of graphics.”

With more and more gamers turning to mobile devices like tablets or smartphones for their-on-the-go gaming fix, Durnill believes that this next graphical leap will ring the death-knell for dedicated handheld gaming consoles.

“The minute consumers can’t differentiate between mobile and consoles is the moment consoles will die,” said Durnill.

“Mobile has caught up in terms of graphics experience. The next generation of kids are going to get smartphones or tablets, not a handheld games console or Xbox 360; the barrier of entry is gigantic to go for a dedicated games console.”

The next step however is content. Without quality games development studios onboard to deliver AAA games, mobile platforms will still be one step behind. With mobile gaming pricing strategies position for a race to the bottom, it will be interesting to see just who feel it is worthwhile to jump onboard with Qualcomm when the chips arrive in the next few months.

Via: Pocket-Lint

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