CES 2012: Panasonic's VT50 plasma is the 3DTV to save the pennies for

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A lot has been made of ultra-definition TVs and OLED TVs at this year’s CES, but the technologies on show are respectively either a) too young to have the content to back them up in the case of UDTVs, or b) too expensive for the average consumer when it comes to OLEDs. The stalwart plasma screen will therefore be the sort of high-end set your looking for were you to be going down to your local AV emporium in the next few weeks, and Panasonic’s newly revealed VT50 series are the screens you should be hunting down.

Two models will be hitting stores; the 55-inch P55VT50 and the 65-inch P65VT50.

Neatly designed using a single sheet of glass and thin bezel, the screens offer great black levels through the company’s “infinite black ultra panel” design.

24,576 steps of gradation let colour reproduction shine naturally, gently weaving subtle colour shade changes into pictures, a notably addition considering the problems older plasma panels have with this issue.

THX certified, the 3DTVs can also convert 2D images for added depth, as well as smoothing 24p 3D using Panasonic’s new “3D 24p cinema smoother”.

Sonically, the screen should be a step above other flat panels thanks to 8-train speakers being built in. Combined with a 2mm thick subwoofer on the rear, the screens should deliver a far more well-rounded audio performance than similarly slim TVs would.

Lastly, a “touch pad controller” is specifically designed for navigating the screen’s Smart TV web-connected features, and even includes shortcut buttons for Skype calling and Netflix streaming.

We’ll pass on pricing and availability details as we’re given them.

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Gerald Lynch
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  • Plasma is a dead technology, the future is OLED…and as for 3D…come on guys, that died last year…

  • Plasma is a dead technology, the future is OLED…and as for 3D…come on guys, that died last year…

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