Apple stops selling iPhone 4S in China due to rioting fears

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And here’s us thinking that the UK’s usual gang of Apple fanboys queuing days for the latest iDevice were crazy; get a load of the rabid crowds scrambling for a piece of iPhone 4S action at the handset’s launch in Beijing, China.

Going on sale earlier this morning, reports of thousands of gadget fans swelling towards the Beijing store have been noted.

With Apple employees fearing the situation was becoming a danger to staff and the growing crowds, they decided to halt the sale of the latest Jesus phone.

Big mistake.

What reportedly followed were scenes just short of a riot, with disgruntled Apple fans taking to hurling eggs at the store front.

Apple continue to sell the iPhone to customers in China through their online store, but will be letting the rowdiness die down by halting instore sales “for the time being”.

Via: PC World

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