Xbox 720 design head changes – 2013 release date hinted

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xbox 360 slim real png.pngIt’s all go over at Xbox HQ, with rumours now flying around liberally concerning details of the next-gen Xbox 360.

The latest snippet of info on what’s expected to be the Xbox 720 is a change of top-level management on the project. Veteran of the original Xbox, Don Coyner, who is credited with developing the unified design interface design language between the Xbox and Xbox 360, is leaving his role at the helm of Xbox 720 and passing the baton over to Emma Williams.

Emma Williams will now lead the design and experience group for Xbox. Williams was a leading figure in the recent Xbox 360 dashboard update, which was brought in to unify design between Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS and forthcoming Windows 8 OS. Williams work will focus on design and brand strategy for the as-yet-unannounced new console.

It doesn’t give much away that you couldn’t already guess, but William’s new position suggests that further synergy between Microsoft’s mobile, PC and console offerings will be in the works come the launch of the Xbox 360’s successor.

The news also brings with it a pencilled in release window of 2013 for the Xbox 720. Previous reports have suggested both as early as 2012 and as late as 2013 for the console’s release.


Gerald Lynch
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