VIDEO: Ice Cream Sandwich for Archos G9 incoming and demoed

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Archos’s cheap and (mostly) cheerful G9 range of Android tablets are making the jump to the latest build of Google’s OS, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Previewed in the video above, the latest build of the operating system seems to be running at a nice pace on the French gadget manufacturer’s slate.

It’s unsurprising to see an older tablet getting on well with Google’s new version of Android, considering the focus of its new functionality. While it’s not quite the drastic overhaul Honeycomb was, Ice Cream Sandwich puts more of the processing strain on a tablets GPU rather than CPU, allowing for the swift, smooth screen transitions seen in the video.

No firm release date for the update yet, but we’d imagine some time late this year. Keep in mind that with CES looming in January 2012, we’ll see plenty more Ice Cream Sandwich tablets in the New Year.

Gerald Lynch
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