Think Geek reveal Portal 2 bookends for your test chamber

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portal_bookends.jpgExperiencing some cognitive deterioration? That’s probably because you’re not reading enough books. Know why you’re not reading enough books? You don’t have your library sandwiched between these nifty Portal 2 bookends.

Available now over at Think Geek, they take the blue/orange, in/out puzzling concept of one of this year’s best games, and turn them into a mind-bending, space warping accompaniment to your Dickens and Shakespeare.

Grab them here for $29.99.

The bookends come as part of a massive new Portal 2 range from the nerdy retailers, which includes everything from Aperture Laboratories shower curtains to a plush Portal turret. It’s a one-stop-shop this Christmas for the die-hard Portal fan.

Click here to take a look at the gear.

When you’re done splashing your cash over at Think Geek, check out our top pick for the best Xbox 360 games and the best PS3 games of 2011. Portal fans will be in for a treat.

Gerald Lynch
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