Spotify revamp radio and recommendation features

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spotify-radio.jpgIt’s been a busy few weeks for Spotify. First they reveal their superb new apps platform, and now they’re looking to revamp their radio station and recommendation engines too.

Spotify list the features of the new update as:

·Unlimited stations – picking a track, artist or genre will instantly generate a station full of similar music. The station will play continuously with few or no repeats until you stop it. You can make as many custom stations as you choose.

·Unlimited skips – You can skip to a new radio station track if the one playing isn’t to your taste.

·All-new intelligent recommendation engine – Making the tracks chosen for your station more accurately reflect your taste.

·Unlimited access – All 15 million of the Spotify libraries tracks can potentially feature on the radio stations.

·Available to all – The new Spotify Radio features will be available to both free and paying customers, worldwide.

“Spotify Radio is an amazing new radio experience, offering unlimited stations and unlimited skips,” said Ken Parks, Spotify’s Chief Content Officer.

“With our new intelligent recommendation engine and multi-million track library, the new Spotify Radio is a music discovery experience without equal.”

The new radio features will be rolling out alongside the final release of the Spotify App Finder platform in the next few days. If you cant wait that long, visit for a preview the new player build.

Gerald Lynch
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