CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Best Nintendo 3DS games of 2011

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3ds-banner.jpgThis year saw Nintendo release their 3DS handheld console, aiming to bring 3D to the masses with it’s glasses-free 3D display and a host of recognisable gaming stars leading the charge.

Sceptics were wary of the 3D gamble Nintendo had made when developing their Nintendo DS follow-up, but were suitably impressed when they came up close and personal with the device. Letting you adjust the intensity of the depth effect with a handy slider, it added a whole new level of immersion to handheld gaming.

It hasn’t been plain sailing for the console though, with poor sales forcing a massive price cut on the hardware, and some gamers complaining of headaches caused by the 3D visuals on show.

However, as the games industry enters the lucrative run-up to Christmas, Nintendo have unleashed a handful of heavy-hitting titles for the system, representing some of the best gaming action on any console all year. From Mario to Zelda, the Nintendo elite are finally out in full force on the 3DS.

So, without further ado, Tech Digest’s top ten best games for the Nintendo 3DS of 2011!

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