Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 3 getting 4G data connections?

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Thumbnail image for iPhone 4S hands-on 15.jpgThe next gen iPhone and iPad devices from Apple will each be packing 4G super-fast mobile data connections.

That’s the report coming from Nikkei Business, who state that Apple’s smartphones and tablets will be making the jump to LTE speeds for the first time.

Nikkei Business believe that Apple CEO Tim Cool has already entered into talks with Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo, with the two meeting in Apple’s hometown of Cupertino.

It is thought that the two firms have come to an agreement to bring iPad 3 and iPhone 5 devices, each packing the aforementioned 4G connections, to Japan by next autumn. If that’s the case, it’s likely that a US 4G carrier such as AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint will also offer the super-fast handsets, though with the UK’s 4G infrastructure significantly lagging behind other international territories, it’s unlikely Blighty will be able to folow suit.

Despite stellar sales in most every other territory, the iPhone 4S hasn’t been quite as successful in South Korea and other Asian nations where 4G is beginning to hit its stride. While the likes of Motorola, Samsung and HTC all have 4G offerings already, it’s important for Apple to also make the LTE jump are they to continue to remain competitive in these areas.

Via: Mac Rumours

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