Siri staying exclusive to Iphone 4S

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Apple have confirmed that the iPhone voice assistant, Siri, will remain exclusive to the iPhone 4S. An enquiry by developer Michael Steeber about the possibility of an IOS for iPod touch and iPhone 4 that would be siri enabled was answered with a rather blunt “No.”

In a statement to Mr Steeber Apple confirmed, “Siri only works for iPhone 4S and we currently have no plans to support older devices.”

It does, in truth, make some sense for Apple not to port Siri onto the older devices, keeping customers who bought the new iPhone 4S happy because they paid a lot of hard earnt money to get the new features on the 4S and they should be exclusive for the customers that paid for them.

Apple may change it’s mind in the future but for now only iPhone 4S owners will enjoy their phone talking to them.

Greg Collins
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