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We all know that Apple produce some of the most powerful laptops and desktops that need no configuration at all. The build quality of the computers is second to none, im actually writing this on a four year old macbook which is still fully working and in great condition. The Apple software is also some of the industry’s finest, if you know how to use it that is.

To many who have only ever had a PC in their life, sometimes working with Apple’s operating system can be quite a daunting task, everything is new and there aren’t any of your usual applications for doing your day to day tasks.

To try and provide a bridge between the two operating systems Parallels has come out with their software Parallels Desktop 7. It is usually a very big step to go from Windows to OSX, i know for me it was a huge step at first and sometimes you really want the comfort of your old PC as a safety net. The software allows you to run multiple operating systems on your macbook bringing together the best hardware and software together.

The software allows you to run two or more operating systems at the same time without the need to use Bootcamp or rebooting your system to switch between them, you can literally have them side by side. You can choose from Windows 7, Chrome OS, Linux or even get the developers version of Windows 8, all running on your macbook.

The software takes advantage of installing the operating systems as a virtual machine, making any additional operating system run faster by not putting additional pressure on the RAM and CPU of your computer. The only large specification you will need will be hard drive space, you will need around 15GB for every operating system.

If you are not that literate when it comes to computers, parallels has a feature called Parallels Wizard that will run through most of the installation automatically, choosing the best settings for your computer. The average installation time takes between twenty and thirty minutes, which for installing an operating system is pretty impressive.


But even though you are working with Windows software it doesn’t mean the software ignores the Apple features. Trackpad gestures are supported in all programs related to Windows, a nice addition, you still feel like your working with the quality of a Mac computer. The main advantages of this software is using full Windows programs on your Mac, Microsoft Office being one of the main pieces that would be popular with users. Because you are working with a full version of Office everything works how it should, there is no limitations to make it work on a Mac.

A helpful addition is the full integration of copy and paste, across platforms. You can simply drag and drop files across operating systems without any file changing or reconfiguring. In the same principle the software also allows the user to transfer over their whole PC to their Mac, all their personal files, installed software, everything will be transferred saving all your investment into older machines.

The main idea behind this software if ease of use, it is about making the bridge between PC users going to Mac a lot safer and secure. It is a big choice switching operating systems and the easier and shorter the process the better for the consumer at the end of the day. A way that this has been implemented is with two hours worth of video tutorials built into the software with everything from installation to getting started with parallels.

The company gets a lot of its new features from its users. Requests can be made through a form built into the software so that the company can develop a tailored experience for the customers needs. So if you think that something would suit the software you have a say and the company an consider developing it.

This sort of software also brings opportunities to Mac users that they may never have had before, gaming would be increased with Window’s games now being played on Macbooks and for professionals, more advanced graphic software such as AutoDesk applications.

Parallels have also launched an app for IOS devices to access their virtual machines from your mobile or tablet. The app will give you full access to your computer, if it is in sleep mode the phone will access the server and wake the computer up for use. There is no need to install any other software and the only information you need is your account information and that is it. The app is priced at £11.99

The software is priced at around £65 for the standard edition, the switch to my mac edition includes a USB cable in order to link together both PC’s to transfer all your data. This is software that, for anyone considering the switch, would make the whole process that much simpler and a less stressful experience and with free updates always being produced it is a worthwhile investment.

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