Gmail iOS app for iPhone and iPad on its way?

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gmail_envelope_thumb.JPGGoogle are said to beclose to launching a native Gmail app for iOS devices including the iPad and iPhone.

Currently, Gmail users on Apple devices must use the webmail client through the Safari browser, or download web-app shortcuts or shoddy third-party offerings.

The rumoured Google-made iOS edition would be far more fully featured, and include push notifications, Priority Inbox filtering, starring and folders.

Google are in fact thought to be so far down the line that the app has been submitted to Apple for approval, though it’s not impossible that Apple may yet deny them a place on the App store.

“Google is on the verge of launching their native Gmail app, multiple sources tell me. In fact, I believe it has already been submitted to Apple for review. If it gets approved, it should be out soon. And I think it’s going to be approved,” writes MG Seigler over on his blog parislemon.

It’s been a long time coming, and could mark the begnning of an iOS onslaught for Google if the approval process proves a success. Surely a Google+ and Google Docs app wouldn’t go amiss either, hey big G?

Via: Mac Rumours

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