ASUS boss marks Windows 8 slates as true iPad killers

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Microsoft have a lot riding on their late-to-the-party Windows 8 tablet offerings, but they’ve just got some high-profile backing from the outspoken boss of ASUS, Jerry Shen. Despite his own firm throwing a lot of money behind Android tablet development, he’s stated that the real iPad rivals will be tablets sporting Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Stating the operating system’s “familiar user interface” as the key selling point, he told DigiTimes that Microsoft’s tablets will be the ones he’ll be betting on, suggesting ASUS will have a strong Windows tablet offering when the range finally touches down in late 2012.

Familiarity is a strange one to point out though by Shen. Other than the so-so sales of the similarly styled Windows Phone 7 smartphones, have that many people really become comfortable Microsoft’s touch-screen offerings?

Shen also went on to reveal that his copany have shifted 1.2 million Android ASUS Eee Pads, with an Ice Cream Sandwich roll-out expected for the line by December.

Sounds like they should be sticking with Android, with figures like that.

Via: DigiTimes

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