iOS 5.1 developer beta reveals details on new iPad, Apple TV and iPhone gear

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Apple’s developer beta build of iOS 5.1 has landed and with it, after some serious code trawling by Apple’s hardcore fanboys, news of plenty of potential new devices headed our way next year.

All of Apple’s major hardware areas apart from mp3 players seem to have big releases lined up, with reference made to Apple TV units, iPhones and iPads.

Looking at iPhones first, hidden in the code is reference to an iPhone 5,1 device. That number 5 doesn’t nessecarily signify a whole new hardware jump to an iPhone 5 (the iPhone 4 for instance was spotted in code as 3,1, 3,2 and 3,3 before release), but the iPhone 4S was listed as 4,1 so there’s nothing ot say an iPhone 5 isn’t on the cards.

Next up iPads, with three different devices made reference to in the code. Firstly, the iPad 2,4 is expected to be a re-vamped iPad 2 headed to the US Sprint network, where it’s likely to get WiMAX capabilities, or possibly even a TD-LTE version for Chinese markets.

There’s also reference made to iPad 3,1 and iPad 3,2. This is most likely the iPad 3 device, in both its Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi and 3G variants. It seems to be going under the codename J2.

Lastly, Apple TV. It’s identified as Apple TV 3,1 with the codename J33, again suggesting a significant upgrade. Is the long-fabled Apple LCD TV with iOS built in finally ready to be revealed?

The next iteration of the OS is also rumoured to have a major overhaul for the Siri voice recognition software lined up too.

Currently in the hands of developers, expect to see the new iOS software in touching down for all users in the coming weeks.

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • Eagerly waiting for the new iPad to come. Isn’t there any reference as to when the new model will be launched?

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