Black Friday Apple sale leads to discount iPad 2 deals

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Thumbnail image for AppleiPad2.jpgApple have caught the Black Friday bug, which can only ever be a good thing for tech fans wanting to get their hands on some premium Cupertino gear on the cheap.

Top of the deal list is a 16GB WiFi iPad 2 for just £368, down from £399, followed by an iMac for £918. At brand new, never-removed-from-packaging prices, that’s pretty darn good.

However, move down the Apple price chain and the value of the deals aren’t quite as good. iPod prices in particular (the gadget most likely destined for stockings up and down the country) don’t quite meet third party discounts from the likes of Amazon.

For instance, a 4th gen iPod Touch from the Apple store will cost you £154 today. Amazon, on a regular day, charge £143.95 for the same bit of kit. Likewise the Nano, selling for £104 through Apple, is undercut by Amazon at £102.81.

Splitting hairs perhaps, but it still shows that, even with the allure of Black Firday deals looming over shoppers, it’s still worth having a good look around first before you commit your cash. Those iPad and iMac deals are a relative steal though.

Gerald Lynch
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  • The sale is less than amazing, but I am still planning on ordering a mac book pro later and with the 101 dollars I am saving then I ll probably buy a m-audio keystudio and or the yeti usb microphone…..which I probably would have held off buying

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