Battlefield 3 booming at retail with 5million+ sales

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EA’s big-budget Modern Warfare 3 rival Battlefield 3 has certainly earned its stripes this week. It’s sold over 5 million copies during its first seven days on sale, making it the fastest selling game of all time for the mega publishers.

That’s no mean feat, considering this is the company that handles properties like The Sims, FIFA, Tiger Woods Golf and Madden NFL.

“Based on internal estimates, Battlefield 3 has sold through five million units in the first week globally, making it the fastest-selling game in EA’s history.,” reads an EA statement.

A generous beta period got gamers foaming at the mouth for EA’s shooter, while generally positive reviews helped propel it to the top of theXbox 360, PC and PS3 gaming charts this week.

The launch however has not been without problems, particularly in multiplayer modes, which EA also address in the statement.

“Consumers have logged-on in unprecedented numbers to team up and join the battle. Server stability was solid in the first weekend, delivering EA’s highest-ever usage rates.

“While some players experienced intermittent disruption of online services due to high volume, internal estimates show that servers and service uptime stabilized to roughly 98.9% throughout the weekend, ensuring that players were connected and enjoying the game.”

Either way, it’s a good start for the game tasked with the mammoth undertaking of duking it out with Activision’s Modern warfare 3. Expect to see our review for that particular title next week.

Gerald Lynch
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