A staggering 97% of Three's mobile traffic is data

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three thumb.jpgThree have reported that mobile data now makes up a staggering 97% of all their network traffic, compared to the three percent shared between texts and calls.

Though the company have strong support for the smartphone data plans, as well as popular tablet and mobile internet dongle deals, it’s still incredible that the growth of mobile internet usage has so quickly and comprehensively become the focus of mobile networks.

Though mobile data traffic has grown steadily, the network has also experienced a sharp spike in smartphone data usage over the past year. A 427% increase in data usage has been noted by Three between June 2010 – September 2011, likely in part due to their well-publicised and good value, all-you-can-eat The One Plan.

“Back in 2003 when we began our journey as a 3G network, it felt at times like the technology we had at our fingers tips was a bit Tomorrow’s World,” said Phil Sheppard, director of network strategy at Three UK.

“It was ahead of its time, and few knew how 3G and mobile data could really be relevant in people’s lives particularly with a lack of decent handsets.

“Fast forward to today, in a market flooded with tablets and smartphones, and there can be no denying the importance of a reliable, powerful network like ours.”

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