Vodafone Data Test Drive helps you find a data plan just your size

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arc-s-flat.jpgPicking the right data plan for your smartphone can be a strangely revealing process. Is just a few megabytes of conservatively rationed internet browsing enough for you, or do you need to splash out for a massive unlimited deal, just in case? Are you a glass half empty or glass half full kinda guy?

The answer for most of us probably lies somewhere in between, but that can be hard to figure out without a little time taken to monitor your mobile browsing habits.

Vodafone have noted this, and have launched an interesting intiative to lure smartphone users to their network. The “Data Test Drive” allows you to buy a smartphone through the network and, for three months, use all the data you want, without going over any pre-set data limits.

Now the idea isn’t to hog out on mobile downloads, but to use the phone as you normally would, before at the end of the three month period being offered a suitable contract by Vodafone to match your usage needs.

The intiative kicks off with contracts on Vodafone for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S (pictured), but will roll out to all new smartphones on the network in the future too.

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Gerald Lynch
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