VIDEO: Ice Cream Sandwich launch now set for October 19th

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If ever you need a clue as to what’s coming next from the guys at Google, take a look at their lawn decorations. If there’s a big, new, dessert-shaped statue sitting there, you’re probably only a few days away from a big launch too.

In this case, it’s the launch of the Ice Cream Sandwich OS, with a giant dairy-based Android monolith now sitting outside Google HQ.

The OS, which looks to bridge the gap between Google’s smartphone and tablet operating systems, is now set for an October 19th Hong Kong launch (10AM local time, 3AM UK GMT time).

The launch was initially due earlier this week, but Google and hardware partner Samsung decided to postpone the launch as a mark of respect for the late Apple boss Steve Jobs.

Samsung are expected to launch the Samsung Nexus Prime (or Samsung Galaxy Nexus as it may otherwise be known) at the event, with rumoured specs suggesting a 4.7-inch Super-AMOLED and dual-core 1.5GHz processor on board.

Hit the video above to check out Google’s teaser for their new mobile OS.

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