Nokia Sea Ray now the Nokia 800? Leaked adverts suggest so…

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Nokia’s long-awaited Windows Phone 7 handsets are popping up on an ever-more regular basis these days, suggesting we’re edging closer to their eventual release. Today sees the leak of two official-looking adverts for what is thought to be the Nokia Sea Ray.

Except it’s not the Nokia Sea Ray anymore. Nope, the acquatic theme has been dropped in favour of far duller Nokia 800 moniker.

That’s when things get a bit fishy, if you can excuse the pun. There’s already been the Nokia N800; surely launching it as the Nokia 800 would cause confusion, not to mention taking the “brand new” sheen off the newly-partnered Windows Phone OS.

Still, the advert looks fairly believable, with its tile-style background mimicing Microsoft’s OS. It also gives a few new details on the design of the handset if the leak proves to be the real deal, with a shiny chassis suggestive of either a metallic casing or gloss finish.

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