"One more thing": Steve Jobs' most inspirational moments

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Steve Jobs has died, aged 56.

The Apple co-founder had battled illness for many years, leading to his stepping down as CEO in August.

Obituaries and tributes are flooding the web, while Apple fans lay flowers at stores across the globe.

It’s an incredibly sad day for tech, but such an influential, creative and visionary man as Jobs shouldn’t be remembered with tears, but with the excellent things he achieved in his life.

When Steve Jobs retired in August, ShinyShiny collected together some of his most inspirational moments. We feel that right now would be a good time to share them with you again. Our thoughts go out to the Jobs family, his friends and his colleagues.

Commencement speech at Stanford 2005

Still a rallying cry for creatives and mavericks – Steve gave this moving speech to the freshmen in Stanford talking about his personal history and the upsets he overcame to make Apple.

Youtube comments include this kind of thing: “I watch this at least three times a year when I need the kick in the pants to stay on track with my dreams.”

Apple WWDC ’97 Steve Jobs Closing Keynote

At one hour long, this is one to watch in bits, but my god, it’s worth it. Take tips about leadership, public speaking, and pulling back from a crisis.

It’s a barnstorming hour where Steve answers questions from a crowd of developers at a time when Apple was at one of its lowest ebbs. He takes taunts, valid questions and comes back with honest but rousing answers. Oh and some sharp put-downs. This guy is in control. Great takeaway: “Focus is saying no”.

Steve Jobs:You have to think Differently

[MacWorld Congress 1997]

Want to know why you still feel smug buying an Apple computer? This is why. The computers are different. You are different. This is how to make someone want something.

“You always had to be a little different to buy an Apple computer. You had to think differently[…] They are the creative spirits in this world.”

Unveiling the first Apple Macintosh


He only pops a floppy into a Mac, but listen to the screams, Steve is driving the audience crazy. Okay – it’s first Mac – ever. But for some lessons about showmanship – watch and learn.

Steve Jobs burning Bill Gates

Yes, it’s a catty joke, but this is a guy who believes in what he does. It reminds us of how Steve told the NY Times that he made Apple so innovative – by hiring people who wanted to make the best things in the world.

For the fuller and more enlightening version look at the whole video from the AllThingsD double interview with Bill Gates:

“One More Thing”

And finally, what Steve Jobs tribute would be complete without “one more thing”? The charismatic Apple leader always had another trick up his sleeve, ready to deliver a knock-out blow when he’d already floored an audience. He had tech fans feeding out of his hands, and his charming manner will be greatly missed.

Gerald Lynch
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