APP OF THE DAY: Spottd (iPhone)

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From the brains beihnd the controversial FitFinder comes Spottd, a new social and location based app that aims to make your day or night out on the town a more exciting one.

Described as a “social satnav”, Spottd offers recommended events near a user’s location, suggesting everything from top notch nosh at local restuarants, hot bargains in local shops and nearby sporting events.

All information can be easily browsed using a map, with users able to share interesting events with their pals over Twitter or Facebook.

‘Many people use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and Twitter for news and the latest gossip”, said Rich Martell.

“Spottd is all about the here and now, about what’s going on around you at this exact moment in time. It has a real time system that enables users to connect whether they know each other or not. We hope it will bring people together, sharing useful information and tips, from all over the world.”

Grab the free iPhone app by clicking here.

Gerald Lynch
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