We like 3DTV more than 2DTV, says Panasonic study

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panasonic_3dtv_2.jpg3DTV; it’s a love/hate relationship for most of us. We love the idea of more immersive movies and exciting visuals, but we hate headaches, glasses and the premium price tag attatched to it.

However, a recent study commisioned by Panasonic on US consumers suggests we’re now finally starting to embrace the technology on a wider scale.

The study carried out by independent market research firm Frank N. Magid Associates, revealed that the vast majority of the 500 viewers questioned found their watching experience “significantly improved” by 3D effects.

99% of respondents who had tried a 3D TV said that it was “somewhat better” than “standard” 2D TV. Even more impressive was the response from 71% of those polled who described 3D viewing as being “dramatically better” than traditional 2D television.

“We’ve always said that, just as with HDTV, once consumers experience 3D TV, they will want it,” said Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, Panasonic Corporation of North America’s chief technology officer.

Mike Vorhaus, president of Magid Advisors, drew comparisons with the last major leap in TV tech.

“Their feelings are very reminiscent of the public’s response to HDTV in its early days.”

Gerald Lynch
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  • I saw this too, load of nonsense though, just marketing nonsense to encourage people they need one when really, they don’t.

  • For sure 3D TV is better than 2D. As soon as the autostereoscopic – glasses free – comes out, which isn’t too far off, then it’ll really take off. Though the initial price tag is going to be high it will come down over time, soon enough it’ll just be a given that every TV is 3D.

  • Just wait until they release 4d and you get punched by Mayweather through the tv screen

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