Parrot MINIKIT+ handsfree Bluetooth kit soars into view

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minikit+.jpgParrot have unveiled the MINIKIT+ in-car handsfree Bluetooth kit, letting drivers manage two Bluetooth enabled mobile phones at once without taking their eyes off the road.

The “Dual Mode” multipoint technology assigns each phone a different ringtone, synchronising as many as 2,000 contacts between the phones and its own phonebook.

Voice recognition lets drivers receive or ignore calls simply by saying “accept” or “reject”, while text and emails can be managed vocally using the TextFriendly service too.

It’s not just for calls though. A2DP tech lets users listen to their smartphone music directly from the MINIKIT+ speakers too, while a nifty vibration sensor saves battery life by switching off and syncing the Bluetooth kit with your mobile in time with the opening and closing of the driver’s side door.

Out in November, the Parrot MINIKIT+ will retail at around £64.99.

Gerald Lynch
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