IFA 2011 VIDEO: LG D2500N glasses-free 3D monitor

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All the major display manufacturers are clamouring away to be the first to produce a convincing glasses-free 3D display, but the only company showing any real innovation in the area at this year’s IFA conference was LG.

They were showing off the LG D2500N glasses-free 3D monitor. A full-HD display, it managed well to give the impression of 3D space from the flatscreen, with little flicker and only marginal blurring on the 25-inch screen.

It manages this by popping a head-tracking webcam in the top of the monitor’s bezel, which then tells the display to adjust the 3D image to better suit your positioning.

It worked great, and more exciting is the fact that LG are planning big screen TV versions, capable of tracking multiple people at once, in the near future.

Hit the video above for more info.

Gerald Lynch
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