IFA 2011 VIDEO: LG PZ850T PenTouch Plasma 3DTV preview

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LG’s screens at IFA 2011 were a little bit more quirky than the competition. Take the LG PZ850T PenTouch Plasma TV for instnace. As the name suggests, it comes bundled with a special touchscreen stylus that lets you sketch images and notes and navigate apps by directly tapping the screen with the pen.

Avaialble in 50 and 60 inch sizes (the larger of which is 3D-capable), LG showed the screen off hooked up to a laptop, allowing them even greater functionality and piggy-backing web browsing from the machine.

Now we can see the application here in maybe an office or classroom environtment, but we’re not so sure about in the home. I’m not sure I’d like to encourage my kids to write on a TV with a specific pen, only to find they’ve got it mixed up and scribbled all over my expensive new Plasma screen with a Sharpie.

Available from the end of September, hit the video above for our first look at the screen.

Gerald Lynch
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