IFA 2011: Epson projectors go 3D and wireless with EH-T9000W model

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They may not be the first, but Epson are firmly planting their flags in the territory marked “best” when it comes to the 3D projectors they are touting at this year’s IFA 2011 conference in Berlin. Getting top billing from their newest models is the EH-T9000W, packing both 3D smarts and wireless technology in what Epson are calling the best home cinema projectors money can buy.

Plenty of new technology has been employed by Epson to back up this claim. As well as the 3LCD Reflective lens tech that Epson introduced last year to push image clarity, they’re also showing off refresh rates of 240Hz in 2D mode and 480Hz in 3D mode with the EH-T9000W projector, reducing crosstalk and pushing brightness levels significantly in 3D modes.

Brightness levels of 2,400 lumens and claimed contrast ratios of 200,000:1 are worthy specs in their own right, but wireless tech lets you hook up to a home network and pump videos straight to the projector, meaning a tangle-free cinema room for those who can cough up the cash for this premium kit

A wired model, the EH-T9000, is also available for those who don’t care for wire-free frippery.

We were treated to a 20 minute demo session on a 160-inch screen using acive shutter specs and couldn’t help but be impressed. Even with the inevitable drop in brightness that occurs when you push what is essentially a home cinema projector up to sizes that serve an audience of 50 people, the new Epson kit managed quite startling 3D visuals. Though we noticed slight blurring at the edges, our short demo period with the projector rivalled the experience you would get with both 2D and 3D digital commercial cinema screens.

Hitting stores from November, we’ll have more hands-on info on Epson’s EH-T9000 and EH-T9000W models as we go hands in-depth on the show floor at IFA this week.

Gerald Lynch
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