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The annual IFA tech show in Berlin has come to a close for yet another year, after bringing plenty brand new gadgets and gizmos to the table to start saving for. It’s a massive show, packed with everything from AV gear to mobile phones and home appliances, but we’ve sifted the wheat from the chaff to give you our highlights from Europe largest electronics expo. Here’s Tech Digest’s IFA Best in Show for 2011.

BEST TV: Sharp 8K4K Super High-Def TV

The TV that Tech Digest shall set as the high-watermark all others must aim for for the forseeable future, Sharp’s 8K4K prototype was by far the most stunning screen we’ve ever seen, and our favourite item overall at this year’s show. Though it’s not going to be commercially available for at least the best part of a decade, we were treated to a jaw-dropping presentation of footage 16-times the pixel density of full HD 1080p. We felt sorry for all the TVs we had to check out at the show after seeing this one so early on, as none of the others stood a chance in comparison.


Not a great show for tablets or smartphones, with Sony’s offerings a little underwhelming and few other manufacturers making a splash. Samsung’s Galaxy Note, while not everyone’s cup of tea, at least attempted something slightly different, with its massive screen and stylus input. Jobs may have delcared the stylus dead with Apple’s touchscreen devices, but Samsung quite rightly still see a place for digital note taking with an input pen.


If you’ve got a few grand to spare, Epson proved that having your very own 3D cinema experience in your living room is a relatively affordable reality this year. Showing off their first line of 3D projectors, the stunning visuals were made all the sweeter thanks to the inclusion of Wi-Fi smarts in the EH-T9000W top-end model.

BEST LAPTOP: Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook

Who said Windows machines couldn’t be as good-looking as Apple devices? Acer’s Aspire S3 Ultrabook paired great looks and portability with supercharged power in a laptop that offered both i7 and SSD high-end configurations.

MADDEST GADGET: Jean-Michel Jarre’s AeroDream One 11ft iPad dock

Jean-Michel Jarre; a man known equally for his pioneering electronic music and dazzling live light shows. He’ll now also be known as the man behind the world’s most ridiculous iPad dock, the 11ft tall AeroDream One. Tech Digest had the pleasure of talking to the French musical legend at IFA 2011 in the video above, where Jarre explains the inspiration behind his designs.

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