Going underground: We7 Music Map takes inspiration from the Tube

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Popular music streaming service We7 is going underground as the company prepare to relaunch this week, creating an interactive Tube map-like playlist based on the artists and tracks that have been most popular over the past year.

Each line, laid out in a Union Jack pattern, represents a different musical genre. And just like the real Tube map, some stops are a bit more enticing than others; I wouldn’t be caught dead riding the “Rock” line to “Nickleback”.

Check out the map below.

“We7 is about creating a smart, personal and intimate listening experience. We believe most people want radio stations that are personally tailored to them with the opportunity to occasionally request songs”, said Steve Purdham CEO of We7.

“It’s like having your own personal DJ who knows what you want to hear. As music streaming moves from early adopters to the mainstream we want to be at the forefront of delivering a simple and easy to use service that everybody can engage with.”

We7 offer tailored online radio stations, free of charge to all users. To get more control over what tracks you hear, £4.99 a month gives you unlimted access to the We7 catalogue on your desktop, while £9.99 a month gives you mobile access too.

Gerald Lynch
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