Gears of War 3 app for iPhone? Shadowgun is as close as it gets

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Gears of War 3 is wowing critics and gamers alike on the Xbox 360 after launching to rave reviews (including our own) last week. Those waiting for an iOS iPhone or iPad app port however shouldn’t hold their breath; it’s a Microsoft exclusive that’s going to sit tight on the Xbox 360 for, well, forever.

That’s not to say you can’t get some quite obviously Gears-inspired gunning fun on your Jesus phone or iPad. Hit the video above to take a look at Shadowgun.

A 3rd person cover shooter from Madfinger Games, it’s boasting absolutely stunning graphics for a mobile game, set to launch on the Apple App Store on the 28th of September before hititng Android devices soon afterwards.

And not an emergence hole in sight!

Gerald Lynch
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  • The original Gears had much better multiplayer than part 2. I’ve heard they’ve listened to the players who complained and made the proper adjustments.

  • Just downloaded this and was already impressed with the app size. Only 200 something megabytes.
    Then I started a new game and after watching the lengthy high quality intro video, you are even more impressed realizing the actual app is even less then 200 megabytes.
    Once you get thrown into the actual real time world, your jaw will drop. Environmental textures simply look stunning and more and more you start to wonder how they can promise you up to six hours of gameplay in such a compact feature.
    Speaking of gameplay… it plays like a dream on the iPad. The controls are butter smooth in both navigation and fire fights.
    Totally worth the “high” price tag!

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