POLL: Are we all now interested in 3D TVs again?

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Are we all in awe of 3D TV once more?

That certainly seems to be the case according to new figures released by the Dixons retail group. Currys and PC World recording a whopping 500% growth in 3D TV sales over the course of the last quarter, with one in five TV sales including 3D tech.

“Interest around 3D TV technology has massively increased over the last quarter and we have seen uplift in demand from customers online and in our stores. Prices have become really competitive, with 3D TVs available from as little as £499, opening the technology up to a mass audience,” said John Mitchell, Category Manager of Dixons Retail.

“Great prices combined with increased 3D content, ranging from films, to documentaries and sport, is leading to increased adoption of 3D. This increase is reinforced in our TV range, around 40% of which is made of 3D televisions currently and which we expect to increase in the next 12 months, as premiership football is screened in 3D and films including Harry Potter Final Movie are released in 3D.”

Sales are definitely on the rise then? Is this a sign of increased consumer interest? Has 3D content become compelling enough to warrant its premium price? Or is the sales spike merely due to the fact that the majority of new big-name-brand TVs bought have 3D functionality by default?

Help us find the answers! Leave your mark in the poll below, and chime in with any thoughts in the comments section.

Gerald Lynch
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  • The reason 3D television is dead is the lack of standards. The international standards organisation responsible is the Society of Motion Picture And Television Engineers (SMPTE). As most in the industry know, the SMPTE standards process is horribly corrupt, dominated by a handful of companies including Dolby Labs and Warner Bros. The chief SMPTE engineer is a tool of the studios, and instead of good engineering the only thing that’s important at SMPTE is personal relationships. Most reputable manufacturers have quit the process at SMPTE due to this corruption. This has left 3D with no possible standardisation and a failed process. The ANSI is supposed to supervise SMPTE, but they refuse to do so.

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