PlayStation 3D monitor with SimulView lands in time for the New Year

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ps3-3d-tv-top.jpgSony’s mad PlayStation 3D monitor, allowing two gamers to view two different images with 3D glasses by rapidly changing the displayed image and syncing them with the active shutter specs, has now been given a release date. Fullscreen multiplayer gaming froma single display will be yours to try out from December 31st.

The 3D monitor is a 24 inch active-shutter LCD with LED backlighting. With Sony’s TV pedigree preceeding them, you’d expect this to be a good 2D and 3D screen even before the “quad speed frame sequential SimulView technology” kicks in.

Two HDMI ports sit on the back, while the stereo speakers feature an integrated subwoofer, hopefully giving it a little more grunt in the lower audio frequencies than you usually get with flatscreens.

The TV will come bundled with one pair of USB charged active shutter glasses, and a copy of MotorStorm Apocalypse for the PS3, showing the screen is very much intended as a companion to your PlayStation 3 console.

US readers can pre-order the screen from Amazon now for $499.

Via: 3D Display Info

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