Panasonic Lumix FX90 wants to be friends with your smartphone

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Panasonic-Lumix-Fx90.pngThough many are predicting the death of the compact camera thanks to the quality of built-in snappers in smartphones these days, Panasonic at least think the two gadgets can get together and get along as they launch their Lumix FX90 compact.

With 802.11.n Wi-Fi, you can pair the camera with the Lumix Link iPhone and Android apps allowing you to quickly share your snaps to social networks like Facebook and photo hosting sites like Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube for videos. You’ll need to be signed up to Panasonic’s Lumix Club cloud storage service to access the apps though.

Looking at the FX90’s more standard specs, you’re getting a 12MP CCD sensor with a f2.5 ultrawide-angle 24mm lens and 5x zoom.

Video capture comes in at 1080i resolution at 60fps, while a 3 inch touchscreen lets you navigate the camera’s options and features.

No word on pricing or release dates yet, but with the Lumix Club launching on September 5th, we’d imagine a similar launch window for the camera itself too.

Gerald Lynch
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