Another tech titan departs: Anna Leach bids farewell to Shiny Shiny

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Forget Steve Jobs’s resignation; the real news over at Shiny Towers today is that we bid a sad farewell to Anna Leach, long-time editor of Tech Digest’s web sibling After resisting its advances for what must have felt like lightyears, Anna has succumbed to the power of The Matrix and has been sucked into the interweb as she explores new online pastures, armed only with a Flip camcorder, a wad of riot-stolen iTunes vouchers and a slew of rubbish mobile phone cases which she’s fashioned into ninja-style throwing stars.

The proud scientologist (according to her Facebook Places “Church of Scientology” check-ins at least) will be sorely missed at Shiny Media, guiding the site through two great years. Who will we turn to now for comment on Justin Beiber’s subversion of meme-based web culture??

You can keep in touch with Anna via Twitter (@annajleach). We’d recommend you do (otherwise she might get her mates over at Anonymous to “do us in”). Anna is succeeded by the superBecca Caddy (@beccacaddy) who will be bringing you a unique slice of web pie over at Shiny Shiny from here on in as the new site editor.

On a serious note though, we wish the uber-talented Miss Leach all the best for the future. Anna, you’ll be greatly missed and we cant wait to see what you get up to next.

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