Google TV UK launch announcement expected today

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google TV old.jpgGoogle is expected to launch its Google TV service in the UK today, with Eric Schmidt set outline his Goggle Box plans for us Brits at the Edinburgh Television Festival.

Though the service got off to a rocky start in the States, Google TV is expected to get a re-vamped launch in the UK, thanks to the search giant’s acqusition of media server software specialists SageTV and Motorola, who as well as their well documented mobile services also have a hand in IPTV infrastructure and set-top box manufacturing.

A new Google TV developers kit suggests that Google are set to attempt a second push into the living room, with greater support for apps and third party developer software.

Google TV acts as a web connected set-top box, allowing you to surf the web and access online VOD content from the comfort of your armchair. However, with many current TV’s offering “Smart” web connected portals, the clunky offering from Google was met with a lukewarm reception.

Google TV could be up and running in the UK within six months, analysts have suggested.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Was it updated? Is there any news actually of what dates they are targeting and then costs etc?? I think Google TV could be awesome, I was very sceptical of a number of Google and Apple ideas but they are becoming amamsingly popular. Any updates would be appreciated

  • Maybe the US networks have more to do with the lack of options that Google were faced with with their US launch that has not gone to plan.

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  • lol google TV still around. talk about the KIN of tv boxes. It went nowhere, it is a nighmare to use, and who needs such clumsy thing in their already crowded living room. goes to show the geeks at google don’t get consumers at al.

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