Google+ hits 25 million users, shows no signs of slowing

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google-plus.jpgThe Google+ network has hit another userbase landmark, now serving the social needs of 25 million users worldwide. 1 million of those hail from our very own UK shores too. A land of early adopters, we are.

ComScore have compiled the figures, accurate as of July 24th. But with Google’s network growing at a rate of around 1 million users a day, that figure could easily top 30 million by now, making it the fastest growing social network on the block.

By comparison, it took Twitter and Facebook 3 years to hit similar user figures. Ironically, the now all-but-defunct MySpace managed it in two years.

A long way to go till it hits the heady heights of Facebooks 750 million+ users, but in this social network concious age, it seems the first genuine competitor we’ve seen,

Gerald Lynch
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