Forget tablets: Amazon pushing forward with browser-based Kindle Cloud Reader

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Amazon have launched a new browser-based web app called the Kindle Cloud Reader, using HTML5 tech to offer up their e-book reading experience. While many are expecting Amazon to launch two of their own tablet devices later this year, the aim of this web app seems to be to get iPad owners browsing the Kindle store, as Apple’s strict iOS app rules have hamstrung the Kindle app store in the past.

The Kindle Cloud Reader offers access to all your previously Kindle-bought, cloud-stored ebooks, as well as letting iPad owners download book files locally for offline reading, it all has simple, seamless integration with the Amazon Kindle book store for those looking for new titles.

Interestingly, despite rumours of their own Android tablets in the works, the Kindle Cloud Reader currently does not support Honeycomb OS’s web browser. Instead, an error message saying “Your web browser isn’t supported yet” appears, directing you to download the desktop versions of the Chrome or Safari browsers.

This will likely be fixed sooner rather than later, but shouldn’t cause too much hassle for Android users either way; the Kindle app for Google’s mobile OS still supports the Kindle store, whereas Apple’s rules mean the iOS version has limitations on the amount of places people can buy content from.

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One thought on “Forget tablets: Amazon pushing forward with browser-based Kindle Cloud Reader

  • How can they claim html5, when it does not support Firefox 5?

    Why would anyone try to use honeycomb browser to read kindle books? There is an application “Kindle” already available.

    This web reading is no better than the one on android tablet/phones. It still does not support embedded videos in the books.

    I have to give 1 thumbs up, as to their design of the page. Keeping true to all the platforms, amazon has 1 page per view and does not have a long scroll bar like Safari Books Online or

    I do a lot of reading, but ever since I bought a tablet (samsung 10.1), I have used the main computer less and less, though I have a 24″ monitor.

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