Extra storage with Apple iCloud gets priced

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Thumbnail image for icloud-logo.jpgWe already knew that Apple were offering 5GB of free storage with their cloud-based iCloud service, but what if that’s not enough for your web-housed files and media? Today, pricing for a free extra gigabytes of storage space in Apple’s cloud has been revealed, and it is surprisingly affordable.

$20 a year will bag you an extra 10GB, $40 will get you 20GB and $100 gets you 50GB. UK and EU users get an ever so slight price hike once currency conversion is factored in, with £70 for 50GB or €80 in Europe.

Compare that to rivals Dropbox, who will charge $10 for 50GB or $19.99 for 100GB per month, and Apple’s annual charges seem very reasonable.

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Gerald Lynch
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