Sony reveal wall-mountable CMT-CX5 hi-fi

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Those looking for a new hi-fi system but are stretched for space on their surfaces and shelves should take a look at Sony’s latest home-audio system, the CMT-CX5.

Perfectly happy to sit as a conventional desktop or shef speaker, the CMT-CX5’s main unique selling point is its wall-mountable nature. Packed with a bracket on the rear, it’s just as easy to hang this slick-looking curved white or black speaker set as it is to pop up a picture frame.

Sony’s latest audio processing tech, “Dynamic Sound Generator x-tra”, gets an outing here, promising smooth and beefed up sound, no matter where you decide to place the system.

There’s also the potential to run the CMT-CX5 as a three box system, seperating the player and two speakers into their individual units and placing them about the room as you see fit, which is great for those who like an exaggerated stereo soundscape.

Playback options are fairly robust too, with the option to listen to tracks via USB, CD, line-in and iPhone and iPod, as well as having a DAB tuner built in too.

No pricing yet, but expect to see the CMT-CX5 in shops around August time.

Gerald Lynch
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