Sony AirPlay-ready G series micro hi-fi unveiled

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Sony lift the covers on their latest micro hi-fi line today, announcing the launch of their AirPlay-compatible G Series range.

Starting with the CMT-G2BNiP (pictured), the hi-fi features a solid aluminium build with gloss black speakers and an LCD screen for displaying track, artist and radio station info. “Innovative geometric grounding technology” delivers a clean, crisp, distortion free sound from the speakers, while a high-amp output ensures acoustic balance sounds natural.

As well as housing a handy DAB tuner, the focus here is on the G-Series’ “Made for iPod” features. As such, alongside AirPlay tune-streaming from iTunes on your computer or iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can also get an iOS app which turns your Apple device into a remote control for the hi-fi.

To accomodate AirPlay, there are both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity options with the CMT-G2BNiP. Those not rocking Apple devices can also make use of a USB input for playback too.

The presumably lower-priced CMT-G1BiP version packs the same USB and DAB features but none of the wireless connectivity options.

Pricing and availability is yet to be announced.

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