PayPal Twitter account the latest hacking victim

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PayPal is the latest high-profile web brand to be targeted by hackers.

The online money-handling service last night had its @paypaluk Twitter handle hacked by what appeared to be a disgruntled user. From 8pm until midnight the Twitter feed was used to spout a tirade of anti-PayPal tweets, including sending links to the PayPal naysaying website PayPal Sucks.

“This account was hacked earlier. We have it in our control now. Your personal data is still 100% safe, hack occurred on Twitter not PayPal,” read a tweet once PayPal had regained control.

Despite these reassurances though, the PayPal Twitter feed is still being bombarded by messages from concerned customers who feel their accounts and money may now too be vulnerable.

It’s quite the blow for PayPal. Their whole business relies upon the trust their users put into them to protect their funds. And while it wasn’t the main PayPal service hit, it still call into question the PayPal security systems. A hack like this totally undermines the trust PayPal’s users put into the service.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Stupid paypal, stupid hacker….its all a bit over the top, its just one of those things really, paypal has been the same since it started and I doubt it will go about changing anything. Lock up your passwords harder guys, jeeez.

  • How is this a bad mark for Paypal. Paypal has plenty of bad points but I don’t see this as one. This is a bad mark for Twitter and twitting security 🙁

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