BlackBerry platform now sits in bronze position behind iOS and Android in smartphone race

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 5.jpgAnother sorry day for the RIM team; the latest comScore market share stats show that the BlackBerry platform now officially trails behind Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android devices in the smartphone race.

It’s quite the fall from grace for RIM, who once held 55% of the smartphone market share back in 2009, but that percentage now seems to be falling dramatically. Back in February of this year RIM held 28.9% of the market (based on figures from the three months prior), but by May this had dropped to 24.7%, behind Apple’s 26.6% share with iO and Android’s 38.1%.

RIM’s market value dropped 20% in June, after earnings reports and earnings forecasts proved dramatically lower than anticipated.

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  • Doesnt mean its still not totally awful as a platform, consider this: android has come out of no where to steal silver, apple are relatively new to the market, blackberry are older than those fruits in the back of your fridge

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