BBC ask Android users to help map UK 3G coverage

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mobile-network-tower.jpgThe BBC are launching a new Android app aimed at building a map of 3G coverage across Britain. Running for the next month, the app will collate data from across the land to help find where 2G and 3G hotspots and blackspots are.

Though mobile operators have carried out similar mapping attempts, the BBC’s 3G map is significant for at least two reasons. Firstly, it’s the the first independant 3G map of the UK, standing aside from the personal marketing interests of the mobile networks. Also, as the map works automatically in the background to deliver the data to the BBC, it should be more accurate as it does not require the user to manually send data, which could lead to patchy results unless all involved regularly sent the updates.

To get involved, Android users can click here to grab the UK 3G Survey app. It will send anonymous info back to the BBC and their data network analysis partners Epitiro using minimal bandwidth automatically.

After a month, the BBC will publish an interactive map, showing you where to get the best coverage will browsing on the go.

Gerald Lynch
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