Apple TV iOS 5 update to add Bluetooth and (eventually) gaming support?

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While last year’s Apple TV refresh turned out to be a little underwhelming, September’s inevitable tear down of the device lead to some intriguing discoveries concerning potential future link-ups to other iOS devices. With the iOS5 update looming over the horizon, it now seems that latent Bluetooth capabilities may be about to be swtcthed on for Apple’s set-top box alternative.

While Bluetooth support in itself isn’t that exciting, it does open up the potential for some exciting new uses for the Apple TV box. Of course, it would allow iOS mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and iPods to be used as playback controllers, but also allow wireless mice and keyboards to be used for navigation and text entry.

More exciting is the potential for new apps for the box. Apps have been touted for a long time for the Apple TV box, but with Bluetooth support you’d have all the controllers you need for navigation in your touchscreen iOS devices. It also opens up the possibility of dual-screen gaming apps, turning the Apple TV into a home console. With an A5 processor packing update expected this year, with App Store and 1080p output touted, it could make the Apple TV a genuine alternative to Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console.

Of course this is all speculation for now, but the code tucked away in iOS 5 beta suggests its all possible. We’ll keep an eye on what Apple eventually deliver with iOS 5, and pass the details on to you, the Tech Digest faithful.

Via: 9to5Mac

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