Think the iPad 3 may have a Super AMOLED screen? Think again…

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iPad2-official-4.jpegThe iPad 3, the expected next generation of Apple’s world-beating tablet range, looks set to continue to use LCD screen technology, despite rumours suggesting a Super AMOLED display may be employed.

The news comes following the DigiTimes report that Apple have begun certifying iPad 3 component suppliers, with Radiant Opto-Electronics (makers of LED backlights) among the companies approved. With AMOLED technology not requiring a backlight in order to function, it would be an unnecessary component were Apple to install AMOLED screens in iPad 3s.

Apple COO had reportedly previously met with Samsung manufacturing exectuives to discuss the possibility of using their Super AMOLED displays in the next-gen tablet, but it appears that those talks did not culminate in a final agreement.

It seems that Samsung’s new 5.5G AMOLED production line could simply not keep up with the demand expected to be generated by the launch of the iPad 3. Samsung’s latest Super AMOLED-building facility is thought to produce merely 24,000 substrates monthly during its first production cycle. Though that number is expected to rise dramtically in later cycles, it would still have prevented Apple from meeting the high demand that their previous unprecedented tablet launches have seen.

Gerald Lynch
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