Spotify on the verge of launching US service

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US music fans may finally be getting their hands on the Spotify music streaming service. General manager Jonathan Forster told those gathered at the recent Omnicom advertising conference that license deals were being inked in “as I speak”.

However, a different monetisation strategy looks to be agreed stateside, leading to faster payoffs for the labels. This likely means that US users will get a shoter free-to-use period, and less free-to-listen tracks each month than their European equivalents.

Though stating that the service “won’t launch before July 5th”, it not looks as if we’re talking about a matter of weeks before a major announcement.

10 million people currently subscribe to Spotify, with 1 million of those premium users. However since its launch in 2009 competition has heated up in the cloud msuic/storage/digital locker sphere. As well as the Amazon Cloud Player and Music Beta by Google, Spotify now has to fight the mighty Apple and their iTunes Match/iCloud service, revealed at this month’s WWDC conference.

Via: Business Insider

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